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Valentine’s Day – 3 lovely #DIY from Pinterest

Hey there ! I’ve been over busy – job’s been hectic and I’ve been sick for several days. So nothing really exciting lately. Still searching for a nice Valentine’s Day idea. Obviously, I had to search on Pinterest. Here’s my top 3 !

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3 lovely {super} easy #DIY ideas for a Christmas Table




#Discovering – 3 lovely french blogs for Christmas (even after)

Hey there ! Today I just pop up to share 3 french blogs fullfilled with brillants ideas (currently mostly for Christmas… but you may enjoy following their amazing work all year long !).

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Happy Thanksgiving !

Several years ago, I met some precious US friends who introduced me to Thanksgiving. I made a typical Thanksgiving diner for my friends & family the next year. It seems I’m very bad to cook Thankgiving meat… so now, I usually make only some Thanksgiving crafts… Sadly, I had no time this year. As a revenge, here’s the best of Thanksgiving projects found on Pinterest : enjoy !

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This is Christmas time again, right ?

OK. Still early. But Christmas always arrives much faster than expected. So this year, I’m searching for an original Xmas Tree. I haven’t found the idea yet, despite I found some lovely things on my way. Just sharing few of them :

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