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#KnittingForBeginners – Knit a Wool Round

Hey there ! I remember when I started knitting… At first I was so enthusiastic. Few weeks later… I was totally depressed ! Basically, I could only knit (very basic) scarfs. Once I found a nice pattern on the web but I didn’t have the right needles. Once I didn’t have the right yarn. Very often I just felt stupid because there was a tutorial giving a basic directive and I was just like : “OK, but HOW the hell am I supposed to do this ??”. That’s why I decided to share few tips with fellow knitting beginners. For real beginners, who don’t own a knitting store at home (yet !). So today, here’s a first tutorial : how to knit a wool round when you only own regular needles.

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#DIY (mini) Christmas stocking

So here’s the pattern/tutorial to create a cute Christmas stocking. You can use them to make an advent calendar, as mini-plushies or as a tree decorations (sorry for the bad pictures by the way !).

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