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Christmas Cards – 2016 Edition

For once, I’m not late for Christmas ! I just finished my 2016 Christmas Card. This year, I thought I would choose a simple pattern. I tried to make something a little bit more modern than usual.  Continue reading “Christmas Cards – 2016 Edition”


#KnittingForBeginners Jingle Bell !!!

So after a while searching, I finally decided to make a plush christmas tree this year. Well… actually, I’m going to make a bunch of plushies to decorate a real tree. I tried to find some online patterns. Epic fail ! That’s why I’m in the process of creating mine. After 3 attempts, I eventually figure out how to make a jingle bell. Here’s the pattern !

Continue reading “#KnittingForBeginners Jingle Bell !!!”

White (Christmas) Rabbit !

I bet the most of you saw this very popular DIY on Pinterest ?

Continue reading “White (Christmas) Rabbit !”

First project of the winter season !

Just discovered this charity project. Actually, I eventually found the french version (with less patterns). As I don’t have a lot of free time right now (and I definitely need to buy some knitting yarn !!), I started with few very easy things. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make something more sophisticated soon.

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