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Valentine’s Day – 3 lovely #DIY from Pinterest

Hey there ! I’ve been over busy – job’s been hectic and I’ve been sick for several days. So nothing really exciting lately. Still searching for a nice Valentine’s Day idea. Obviously, I had to search on Pinterest. Here’s my top 3 !

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Christmas Printables : 3 lovely (free) fonts

Hey there ! As far as I’m concerned, I’ve a terrible writing. That’s why I usually print instead ! I bet you know the most popular websites to download some free fonts. They usually offer hundreds of fonts : I must say I spend hours browsing their pages ! So today, I want to share few of the cutest fonts for Christmas. Enjoy !

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#Discovering – 3 lovely french blogs for Christmas (even after)

Hey there ! Today I just pop up to share 3 french blogs fullfilled with brillants ideas (currently mostly for Christmas… but you may enjoy following their amazing work all year long !).

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Christmas Cards – 2016 Edition

For once, I’m not late for Christmas ! I just finished my 2016 Christmas Card. This year, I thought I would choose a simple pattern. I tried to make something a little bit more modern than usual.  Continue reading “Christmas Cards – 2016 Edition”

#KnittingForBeginners Jingle Bell !!!

So after a while searching, I finally decided to make a plush christmas tree this year. Well… actually, I’m going to make a bunch of plushies to decorate a real tree. I tried to find some online patterns. Epic fail ! That’s why I’m in the process of creating mine. After 3 attempts, I eventually figure out how to make a jingle bell. Here’s the pattern !

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#KnittingForBeginners – Knit a Wool Round

Hey there ! I remember when I started knitting… At first I was so enthusiastic. Few weeks later… I was totally depressed ! Basically, I could only knit (very basic) scarfs. Once I found a nice pattern on the web but I didn’t have the right needles. Once I didn’t have the right yarn. Very often I just felt stupid because there was a tutorial giving a basic directive and I was just like : “OK, but HOW the hell am I supposed to do this ??”. That’s why I decided to share few tips with fellow knitting beginners. For real beginners, who don’t own a knitting store at home (yet !). So today, here’s a first tutorial : how to knit a wool round when you only own regular needles.

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White (Christmas) Rabbit !

I bet the most of you saw this very popular DIY on Pinterest ?

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#DIY (mini) Christmas stocking

So here’s the pattern/tutorial to create a cute Christmas stocking. You can use them to make an advent calendar, as mini-plushies or as a tree decorations (sorry for the bad pictures by the way !).

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Advent Calendar upcoming !

So last night I worked on my advent calendar. I wanted to make something really traditional this year. Continue reading “Advent Calendar upcoming !”

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