Hey there ! So here we go… HAPPY NEW YEAR !! I’ve heard a lot of person talking about making a vision board. I made a couple of them and it was an epic fail. As I learnt my lesson, I decided to make a new one for the beginning of the year. So today, I gonna share few tips with you, hoping it will be helpful if you also plan to make your own board !

Tip 1 – Wait, feel & think !

Your vision board isn’t a simple frame : it may be a powerful tool for creating a radical change in your life ! My first mistake ? I took magazines, cissors etc. and I started creating a beautiful board. Sadly, it didn’t reflect my deepest intentions. So my first tip would be : wait, feel & think !

Tip 2 – Organize !

Do you sometimes feel the urge to change everything in your life or do you have a loooong dream list ? If so, don’t do the same mistake than me !!! Try to be organised. You may share your board, creating a part for your family life, a part for your job etc. Or you may make several vision boards. BUT DO NOT MAKE A MESS 😀 !!

Tip 3 – Display your vision board !

I once made a beautiful vision board. HUGE and beautiful… such a big board couldn’t find a place anywhere at home. Epic fail. A vision board works as a daily reminder of our intentions. It must be nice, neat… and at a place where we can view it each day, of course !

Tip 4 – Take it easy !

Our vision board is a great tool to reach our goals. However, sometimes, the journey is much more interesting than reaching a goal. A new opportunity may pop up, or we may simply realise that we choose the wrong achievement… So be sure you can edit your board !

Tip 5 – Be yourself !

I once had trouble in my professional life and I decided to work with a coach. She introduced me to the vision board and I’ll always be grateful towards her. Sadly, I felt I had to follow her vision to create my board. I learnt my lesson, and I’ll end with this advice : be sure you have fun creating your vision board. It must reflect your personality & intentions. Having fun while creating your board is important. Loving what you see when you watch at your board is important. By the way, don’t be afraid to be creative. You may create a digital board, or some trinkets on a shelf… (OK… that was actually a tip n°6 😀 !).

 MAY THIS NEW YEAR FULLFILLED WITH JOY (and a brand new vision 😉 !).