Hey there ! Winter is now in the place… As far as I’m concerned, cold is a real issue : my skin is always really dry and I just hate that. As a natural skin care recipes lover, honey is basically my best friend, especially during winter. So today I just want to share 3 super-easy skin care recipes with honey. Enjoy !

Body Skin Care : Homemade Honey Mask

If you need a good body softener, you should love this recipe. Just mix : 1 organic honey tbsp, 1 organic olive oil tsp and 1 organic lemon juice tsp. Then simply apply for 15 minutes and rinse using warm water. Of course, you can increase the quantities if needed. Basically, you may also use this lotion as a facial mask. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t : lemon juice & our eyes are not a great match 😉 ! So I like the next recipe better !!

Face Skin Care : Homemade Honey Moisturizing Mask

Having a dry skin is epic, especially in winter ! I tried a lot of products (homemade or not !) and I eventually found the ultimate moisturizing mask : 1 organic honey tbsp mixed with 1/2 organic avocado. Apply for 15 minutes and rinse using warm water.

Lips : Homemade Honey Scrub

To take care of the lips, my fave scrub is super easy to make : 1 organic honey tsp mixed with 1 ground almond tsp. You may use a close recipe for your body & your face. As far as I’m concerned, I change the proportion (more honey than ground almond) and I add some organic lemon juice for a body scrub.