For once, I’m not late for Christmas ! I just finished my 2016 Christmas Card. This year, I thought I would choose a simple pattern. I tried to make something a little bit more modern than usual. 

I managed to make the cards with stuff I owned only. My home turned into a craft store and I’m still buying more stuff… this is a real mess ! I also realized it’s a shame. When I started crafting, it was not only for fun. I basically like the idea of recycling. By the way, there’s something interesting about shopping : we see more and more gifts/furnitures/etc inspired by DIY. So at one point, it’s frustrating. I mean… DIY is also to own something unique. We’re very often happy to share ideas & tutorials and then, we find them at any average store. Oh, well. Let’s go back to Christmas !

Christmas Cards - DIY idea

See U !