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My favorite (vegan) pancakes recipes

Hey there ! It has been a while… Today, I just popped up to share my favorite (healthy & vegan) pancakes recipe !

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Valentine’s Day – 3 lovely #DIY from Pinterest

Hey there ! I’ve been over busy – job’s been hectic and I’ve been sick for several days. So nothing really exciting lately. Still searching for a nice Valentine’s Day idea. Obviously, I had to search on Pinterest. Here’s my top 3 !

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Easy & healthy appetizer recipe

Just a short note to share a fast & furious easy appetizer recipe (by the way, sorry for the poor quality of the picture… still no camera !). If you’re in the mood for healthy food or if you’re not great at cooking, you may enjoy these cucumber salmon rounds.

You need :

  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 smoked salmon slides
  • cream cheese

One spoon of cream cheese on a slide of cucumber, top with a small piece of salmon and enjoy !

5 easy tips to make a powerful vision board.

Hey there ! So here we go… HAPPY NEW YEAR !! I’ve heard a lot of person talking about making a vision board. I made a couple of them and it was an epic fail. As I learnt my lesson, I decided to make a new one for the beginning of the year. So today, I gonna share few tips with you, hoping it will be helpful if you also plan to make your own board !

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3 homemade skin care recipes with honey to try right now

Hey there ! Winter is now in the place… As far as I’m concerned, cold is a real issue : my skin is always really dry and I just hate that. As a natural skin care recipes lover, honey is basically my best friend, especially during winter. So today I just want to share 3 super-easy skin care recipes with honey. Enjoy !

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Original gif by Mochimochiland here.

3 lovely {super} easy #DIY ideas for a Christmas Table




All U knit is ❤

Christmas Printables : 3 lovely (free) fonts

Hey there ! As far as I’m concerned, I’ve a terrible writing. That’s why I usually print instead ! I bet you know the most popular websites to download some free fonts. They usually offer hundreds of fonts : I must say I spend hours browsing their pages ! So today, I want to share few of the cutest fonts for Christmas. Enjoy !

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